It's not easy for me to describe things with beautiful sentenses. So I just itemize them as below in my first day's journey.
Jan11, Taipei Time: Now I am in the boarding lounge CKS airport terminal 2, using CI VIP room's AP. I am not a VIP, I just steal its wireless signal.

Jan12, Chicago Time: the flight took off at 0550am, I saw the sunrise on the flight. It may be the clearest sunruse I've ever seen.

Jan12, Raleigh Time: As expected, my package was lost with american airline's error. I didn't feel surprised or nervous at all. From LA to CHICACO and then to NC, here, there are too many segments with high possibility to get my package lost. I just left my contact information and went for car rental. Company had made a car rental reservation for me, when I met the, HYUNDAI SONATA, what a fency car, it reall far beyond the level of mine in Taipei.

The fancy car is not the most exciting thing for me today. When I arrived my apartment, I just realize that a country with greater land has greater power, and its people live in a better life. This apartment just like a sample house in a new building construction.


Dining room and living room


living room
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  • 仙女
  • 看來你過的不錯嘛<br />
    行李丟了也不會怎樣 <br />
    我記得我之前去美國 <br />
    行李也晚我幾天到<br />
    回來的時候也晚我幾個小時到<br />
    我想....大概是時差的關係吧<br />
    <br />
    <br />
  • skyfire
  • 喔買尬,真的住得好啊~~<br />
    聽你說像樣品屋,我還以為家徒四壁、只有格間<br />
    應該比較像是Ikea吧,而且還是高檔區<br />
    <br />
    桌上的M應該換一下,才能符合整體的感覺啊 XD
  • erhu
  • 房租是公司出的嗎?除了廚房是標準配備外,其他的家具和看起來都好不錯唷~真<br />
  • jung2005
  • 好高級啊, 以香檳物價水準來看月租至少$750吧....<br />
    把行李物件擺上去就完璧了說<br />
    good luck!
  • 蘿瑞塔
  • <br />
    你的宿舍怎麽如此豪華呢~<br />
    果然是要你好好安心工作啊~<br />
    btw 廚房真是棒啊~
  • littlecar
  • 第一天進來的時候, 覺得宿舍好大, 現在覺得宿舍太大. 好像應該要有個人來幫忙持家的感<br />
  • misoledad
  • Hola! Do you need help? 我很樂意幫忙喔~
  • 小貓
  • 樓上那位是在求婚嗎?
  • Soledad
  • 喔?我已淪落到要自己開口...嗚...<br />