I reviewed all the details in your disclosure again. Based on our discussion, I would think if we focus on the ****** mechanism, it might be more promising . The disclosure I mentioned earlier is still focusing on ***********
mechanism, so even if you discussed and have something, it might still deserve a Publish given there've been many similar patents in this area. Your problem is a bit different since your application is ******.

So if we can redefine the focus, I would like to join you for this study and disclosure formation, what do you think?

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  • Soledad
  • Err...Pardon? <br />
    如果這樣可以讓你發洩,then let it be.
  • 不足以發洩...

    littlecar 於 2009/01/13 17:49 回覆

  • littlecar
  • Had a meeting.<br />
    She joined.<br />
    All shit!