Bi-Direction means when you write or read, there are two methods the essay would present.
One is Left-to-right, and the other is Right-to-left.

Usually, we use Left-to-right expression. After all, the inventor of www is an American, so we all follow the convention of western-style.
However, there is a group of people living in a totally different style to Americans. Besides, they hate Americans.
I think most of Americans hate them, too. But some Americans still like them...errr...Maybe I should say, like their money. For example, the richest man in the world, Bill.
He makes a window for them, a different window for them.

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  • skyfire
  • 小車搞一款『古文書寫體』的吧!<br />
  • crazycat1130
  • 喂,不要太過份....這是騙人的吧....我不相信我不相信不相信啊...
  • littlecar
  • 其實你可以自己裝, 如果你有英文版的windows...